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* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/ASIO Output (foo_out_asio)|ASIO Output (foo_out_asio)]] Adds ASIO output support.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/ASIO Output (foo_out_asio)|ASIO output support (foo_out_asio)]] Adds ASIO output support.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Kernel Streaming Output (foo_out_ks)|Kernel Streaming Output (foo_out_ks)]] Allows bit-exact playback bypassing Windows kernel mixer.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Kernel Streaming Output (foo_out_ks)|Kernel Streaming support (foo_out_ks)]] Allows bit-exact playback bypassing Windows kernel mixer.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/WASAPI output support (foo_out_wasapi)|WASAPI output support (foo_out_wasapi)]] Adds Windows Audio Session API exclusive mode output support, allowing bit-exact output and muting all other sounds on Windows Vista systems.

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This page contains most Foobar2000 v0.9.x components available at time of last update.

User Interfaces

Default User Interface

Default user interface (foo_ui_std). Included in the standard installation package. Allows complex layout customization through UI Elements components.

Columns UI

Columns UI (foo_ui_columns) Very popular alternate interface for foobar2000 based on a columns and panel layout.

Columns UI introduced components with panel capability which extend the user interface.


GFX window (foo_ui_gfx) is a skinnable user interface, which doesn't only focus on looking good but tries to be as fast and "lightweight" as possible, too. It uses lua as scripting language. Two skins are included in the archive. Development of this component appears to have ceased.

Panels UI

Panels UI (foo_ui_panels) gives the ability to manage multiple panels through titleformating. No longer maintained and not compatible with current foobar2000 releases anymore.

User Interface Addons

UI Elements

UI Elements extend the functionality of Default User Interface.


Panels extend the functionality of Columns UI / Panels UI components.



Music codecs

Other codecs







Online database

Online radio

Playlist tools

Playback Statistics

Remote control