Foobar2000:0.9 Winamp Spam (foo winamp spam)

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foo_winamp_spam emulates a Winamp 2.x window so existing plugins you have that use the Winamp API can continue to work with foobar2000 with minimal trouble.


This component was primarily designed by r1ch to be used in conjunction with an mIRC song reporting DLL, r1dll. However it is known to work with most software packages that use the Winamp API such as EvilLyrics.

The component works primarily by creating a window with the Winamp 1.x classname and setting the current song title to it. This allows programs to find the Winamp window handle in order to send further messages. The most used parts of the Winamp API are already implemented, but if your application does not work with foo_winamp_spam, feel free to ask for implementation.

Development of this plugin has been discountinued and by r1ch. selyb originally took over by the latest release is by Chronial.


  • foo_vis_shpeck mainly for visualization but offers the same features
  • foo_winamp_ipc limited command support, no unicode support, last updated 04/2008