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Legacy preferences support here: Foobar2000:Preferences (v0.8.3)



This is the standard preferences dialogue for foobar2000 v0.9 beta 10. You can access it through the foobar2000 main menu item or by hitting Ctrl+P.

The sidebar on the left selects which page of preferences is displayed on the area to the right. The preferences page displayed on the screenshot is Component Libraries.

Component Libraries

Component Libraries

Here is the component libraries page. It is technically-oriented and merely lists which plugins successfully loaded and which ones did not.

Foobar2000_Logo.png foobar2000
Screenshot of the Components page

Deprecated pages

The Components preference page contains a list of all the components installed, and displays information about each component. By clicking on the table headers, you can sort the list by component name, DLL name or version. For most components, if you double click an item in the list you get a pop-up with more detailed information.

Grey items are components provided with the foobar2000 installer or have been manually installed. Black items are installed using the “Install...” button and can be updated using the “Get updates” button if they are hosted on the official components repository.


Open a file dialog to select a component to install. Both .fb2k-component and .zip files can be selected. Files can also be dragged on to this window for installation.
Copy report
Saves a report of all installed components to the clipboard, which can be used for troubleshooting / posting tech support questions on the forums.
Get updates
Checks the foobar2000 server for updated components and updates them if required. This can also be achieved by selecting "Check for updated components" from the "Help" menu.

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Foobar2000_Logo.png foobar2000
Screenshot of the General (Legacy) page

Deprecated pages

This is the General page. It contains general foobar2000 configuration information.

Location of configuration files

Controls the location of foobar2000 configuration files as well as lets you easily browse relevant folders. Note that this option can not be changed in portable installs; they always store configuration data in the application install folder. (From foobar2000 v1.1 onwards, this option is configured via the installer.)


Mouse wheel: scroll the object currently below pointer rather than the object having focus
Toggles an alternate mouse wheel behavior. (This option can be configured on the Advanced page since foobar2000 v1.1.)


This is the Display page. It allows for selection of user interface and several other display-related options.

View the Display sub-entries at Foobar2000:Preferences:Display.


This is the Playback page. It allows configuration of several playback-related options.

View more detailed information at Foobar2000:Preferences:Playback.

(Note: All screenshots were made possible using MWSnap. It's freeware, and good-quality freeware at that.)