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Screenshot of the Default User Interface page

Deprecated pages

Pages marked * are added via third-party components.

This page allows you to change many general preferences related to the Default User Interface.

Theme management[edit]

Quick Setup[edit]

Activates the Quick Appearance Setup dialog.

Import Theme[edit]

Imports current user interface layout from a foobar2000 theme (.fth) file, with preview and choice which parts of the layout to import.

Export Theme[edit]

Exports current user interface layout to a foobar2000 theme (.fth) file.

Enable layout editing mode[edit]

Toggles the Layout Editing Mode. This is the same as the View → Layout → Enable Layout Editing Mode menu command.

Playback state display formatting[edit]

These options allow you to configure (using title formatting) how to display information about the currently played track in various places: main window title, status bar, tooltip of the notification area icon.

Deprecated options[edit]

The following options are no longer available on this page.

System notification area[edit]

These options have been moved to the Background and Notifications subpage.

Main Window Transparency[edit]

This slider, in recent versions moved to the Advanced page (in the equivalent subcategory), enables the user to choose a level of transparency for the main foobar2000 window. Note that, for reasons of usability, transparency becomes active only when the window is inactive.