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Screenshot of the Background and Notifications page

Deprecated pages

Pages marked * are added via third-party components.

The Background and Notifications page allows the user to set options that affect how foobar2000 functions when hidden.

Window minimize and close

Sets behavioural options for foobar2000's minimize and close buttons.

  • Default: close exits foobar2000
  • Minimize hides, close exits
  • Close hides

Notification area icon

Allows the user to set when the notification area icon is visible, along with the ability to set a custom icon.

Show only when foobar2000 is hidden
Notifications are only sent when either the second or third of the above options is enabled.
Show always
Notifications are always sent.
Customize icon
Change the foobar2000 icon shown in the notification area.


Show on song change
Displays a notification (toast) in Windows on song change.
Show on playback control (pause/volume/etc)
Displays a notification (toast) in Windows when a track is started, paused, resumed, etc.

Taskbar thumbnail buttons

Customize Taskbar Thumb Buttons window.

Allows modification of the play/pause/stop/skip buttons shown when hovering over the foobar2000 taskbar icon. This functions in a similar way to the standard toolbar "Customize Buttons" option.

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