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Playlist Tour

Developer(s) da yuyu
Release information
Initial release February 26, 2023; 0 years ago
Stable release 0.1.13 (May 19, 2023)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
Minimum version 2.0
Maximum version
UI module(s) Default UI
Additional information
License BSD
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Playlist Tour keeps a list of recently activated playlists, enabling prev/next history navigation (View->Recent playlists). Navigation is also available by adding Playlist Tour UI element to the fb2k layout. Playlist names containing asterisks have also been played.


  • Sami Salonen (up until Playlist History v0.1.6)
  • da yuyu is main developer since version v0.1.6, and since 2023-02-26, this component has a new name, Playlist Tour.


Playlist History requires foobar 2000 v2.


  • Adds a menu item View -> Recent playlists.
  • UI element can reposition playlists to the left or to the right in the Playlist Tabs component.

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