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The Metadata options dialog in EAC (shortcut: F12) offers several options concerning freedb.

Metadata Provider

Metadata options, Metadata Provider tab
Selected metadata provider

In addition to the built-in freedb engine, access to other metadata providers (including commercial) may be available via plugins. You may choose a metadata provider in this drop-down list. It is also possible to choose a provider on the main screen via a drop-down list.

Show options of the selected metadata provider

This button will open the option window of the selected metadata provider. Options vary by provider.


Metadata options, freedb tab

This tab includes settings for the built-in freedb engine.

Your e-mail address

To be able to retrieve or submit data from/to freedb, you have to specify an e-mail address. Otherwise, EAC will only show an error dialog when trying to submit or retrieve data to/from freedb. This e-mail address will be used to inform you in case of errors during submissions. If these messages are not important for you, you can enter a fake e-mail address here and you will never receive e-mails from freedb.> the host gnudb.org requires a valid email address.

Freedb server
Current active server: http://gnudb.gnudb.org:80/~cddb/cddb.cgi

With this option the freedb server to be used can be specified.

Use Proxy Server for HTTP access
(Default: disabled)

EAC uses HTTP for communication with a freedb server. When you want to use a proxy server, just enable this option and enter the proxy server's address and port below.

Use authentication for Proxy Server
(Default: disabled)

When using a proxy server for communication with freedb and this server requires authentication, you can enable this option and specify your username and password in the text boxes below. If you leave the password field blank, EAC will ask you every time you try access freedb for the password and the password will not be stored by EAC.

On a connection error, retry query using a different server from the server list
(Default: disabled, Recommended: disabled)

When there is a connection error while communication with a freedb server (while submitting or retrieving data), EAC can try to use another server from the Freedb server list.


Metadata options, Export tab

This tab is used to configure the line format for exporting metadata to a database file.

Construction of database export lines
(Default: %tracknr%;%artist%;%title%;%tracklen%)

This option only affects the functions

Database > Export CD Information To > DB Text File...
Database > Export Whole Database To > DB Text File...

and specifies which information is written to the exported database text files. You can specify data fields, the order of the data fields and what separator (delimiter} character to use.

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