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Akkurat's Mod


This mod continues from where the great Synthetic Soul's 2.0.ssb16p mod of REACT left. This mod is going to mainly fix bugs and problems. So, only "good" feature requests please. :) Thanks.

Please read Synthetic Soul's Mod if you want to know what changes Synthetic Soul brought to REACT with his mod.


Getting started

Here's a short guide to using REACT and Akkurat's mod.

  1. Original REACT
    1. Download the original REACT2.0 (link in the end of the 1st post).
    2. Extract and run the installer.
  2. Akkurat Mod
    1. Download Akkurat's mod package.
    2. Extract it to the folder you installed the original REACT (replace all files).
  3. Album Art Downloader XUI (replaces the old Album Art Downloader in the original REACT2.0 installer)
    1. Delete ALL files and folders from the installed REACT\coverdownloader\ folder.
    2. Download the latest Album Art Downloader XUI ZIP archive file.
    3. Extract it to the REACT\coverdownloader\ folder.
    4. Remember that ".NET Framework 3.5 SP1" is required, except for Windows 7, for AAD XUI to work properly (link for that is in the same place where you downloaded AAD XUI).
    5. Open "REACT.ini" file (in REACT folder) and amend the "CoverDownloaderXUI" setting to 1.
    6. Also, check that the "CoverDownloader" setting has the correct path set to the album art downloader executable (AlbumArt.exe).
    7. You might want to start AAD XUI separately for the first time and set it up the way you like it (enable/disable/"search first" sources, size filter, etc.).
  4. Learning & setting up REACT
    1. Read the REACT Wiki page and the documentation of Akkurat's mod (you're reading it currently!) for information. Remember that Akkurat's mod has all the Synthetic Soul's mod features as well.
    2. Open "REACT.ini" file and amend the settings to your liking. Trial (and error) method gets you far if you don't fully understand some settings. If you're totally lost, you can ask help in the REACT 2 Released topic.
    3. Optional:
      1. EAC log: if you want to have EAC logs saved for some of the track formats, you have to open the REACT-track.cfg and/or REACT-image.cfg file(s), find REM COPY /Y "@eaclog@" "EAClog.txt" line(s) for your track format(s) and remove the REM word from the beginning of that/those lines.
      2. Playlists: follow the Creating A Playlist Wiki guide for generating playlists. Remember to download the Tag.exe tool to your REACT\tools folder (link in the Wiki guide).
      3. Cuesheets: follow the Amending Cuesheet File References Wiki guide for getting file reference corrected cuesheets in track mode (works only in that ripping mode). Follow the GSAR method guide. Remember to download the GSAR tool to your REACT\tools folder (link in the Wiki guide).
      4. Data Track: follow the Backup DATA Track Wiki guide if you want to "backup" all the files from an enhanced CD (this copies only the Windows filesystem files, not the whole data track).
  5. Running REACT
    1. Start REACT and configure it when asked (if not, press Ctrl-F2 to do it). (This guide doesn't cover setting up EAC, so it should be done before this step!)
    2. Optional: Alt-F5 opens the "Additional Meta Data dialog". You can set it up to open automatically when starting REACT if you use it often (REACT.ini: "OpenAddMetaDataDiag" setting).
    3. You're ready to rip with REACT. Remember that you should ONLY use F4 or F10 keys when ripping with REACT. (F4=track mode, F10=image mode)


EAC "Use this directory"

Starting from 2.0.akku.b03 version, configuring REACT with Ctrl-F2 will always reset the "Use this directory" path setting in EAC to user "My Music" directory. This directory is only used to temporarily hold the EAC extracted files, it has no relation to the INI "OutRoot" directory setting where REACT puts your final encoded and other files. The "Use this directory" setting can be changed after configuring REACT.

INI "ImageNaming" setting

The value of this setting must begin with "$artist$ -" (without quotes) in order for Various Artists discs to be recognized properly in image mode.

Cover Art Downloader / Album Art Downloader

You can start the program by Alt-F10 when EAC window has focus. This feature was previously undocumented.

Additional Meta Data dialog

Starting from 2.0.akku.b03 version, the dialog is only reinitialized (values cleared) when:

  1. REACT is launched.
  2. CD drive (adapter) is changed from the EAC combobox.
  3. CD is ejected or the "CD Artist" and "CD Title" fields are empty.

Previously the dialog was reinitialized every time the "CD Artist" or "CD Title" values changed.

Various Artists

Starting from 2.0.akku.b03 version, the way REACT works with Various Artists albums has been changed. This change fixes the problems with "malformed" VA artist freedb data.

REACT will uncheck the VA checkbox and enter the INI VA setting value to the artist field when starting a rip. The VA checkbox is NOT checked back by REACT(****) because EAC will detect the new artist value, if it's "safe"(*), as VA and will check it(**) by itself when a rip starts.

In the very unlikely event that your CD artist is something like "Various Polarbears", "Variously", etc. (starts with "Various" value), but it's not a "Various Artists" CD, the rip will FAIL even if you uncheck the VA checkbox prior ripping. This is something that would also fail when running only EAC.

On new VA albums not detected by freedb, please use "Various" (without quotes) as the artist value if you're going to submit the new data to freedb(***). You can't check the VA checkbox with mouse in this case, but you can press TAB or ENTER after inputting the "Various" and the VA checkbox is checked.

(*) "Safe" INI VA setting values: "VA", "Various", "Various Artists" (without quotes) (basically anything starting with "v", "va", "var",..., "various").

(**) In track mode and when creating at least one cuesheet with INI "CreateCuesheet" setting (not required) in image mode. The image rip will still be OK even if EAC doesn't automatically check the VA checkbox.

(***) Rules for submitting CDs to freedb:

(****) The decision why to do it like this is that, this way the image filename obeys the INI VA setting value (previously it was "Various" no matter what the INI VA setting contained), and cuesheets & EAC logfile has the INI VA setting value as the CD artist/performer value. I think it's a good trade-off, one missing checkbox in image mode (when no additional cuesheets) vs. proper INI VA values in various ;) files.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 is currently not fully supported because of the restricted user rights. Windows Vista & Windows 7 users should make sure that the user account they are logged in has read+write permissions for the following folders:

  • REACT folder
  • "Use this directory" path setting in EAC (default set by REACT: user "My Music" folder)
  • INI "OutRoot" folder (default setting: user "My Music\EAC" folder)
64-bit Windows

It is required to copy "" file from your OS "System32" folder to "SysWOW64" folder before using REACT on some 64-bit Windows operation systems.

EAC Compression Queue

REACT doesn't support the Compression Queue feature of EAC.

New tokens / variables

@reactversion@ = Version information, e.g. REACT v2.0.akku.b03.

New INI options

[Settings] CreateCuesheet

This option replaced the old "CreateAllCuesheets" option!

Cuesheets are not created if this option is left empty (default). Except when ripping into tracks, the "glean cuesheet" (REACT.cue) is still created temporarily because it's needed to determine the correct "number of tracks" when ripping a CD with DATA track (enhanced CD).

When ripping into tracks and at least one cuesheet is selected, the "glean cuesheet" (REACT.cue) is created (copied) from the first created cuesheet. This avoids the need to run another cuesheet generation from EAC and thus speeds up the process (especially when retrieving UPC/ISRC codes in cuesheet generation).


  • s = Single WAV File
  • mg = Multiple WAV Files With Gaps (Noncompliant)
  • m = Multiple WAV Files With Left Out Gaps
  • mc = Multiple WAV Files With Corrected Gaps


No cuesheets.
Create one cuesheet.
Create multiple cuesheets (order is irrelevant).

The pipe ( | ) character is used as the separator when creating multiple cuesheets. Do not use separators at the beginning or at the end of the value!

Read this guide and this if you're not sure which cuesheet to select. Most probably it's the "mg" (Multiple WAV Files With Gaps (Noncompliant)).

[Settings] CoverDownloaderLocalPath

If RunCoverDownloader is set, and you set this to the path of your existing artwork, REACT will check for the existence of a file before opening AlbumArt.exe. If a file exists it will copy that file to the working directory, renaming it "<album>.jpg" (as REACT expects artwork to be called) and AlbumArt.exe will not be opened. If the path is not set, or a file does not exist, AlbumArt.exe will open as normal. You can use $artist$, $album$ and $year$ tokens in the path, e.g.:

CoverDownloaderLocalPath=C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\My Music\$artist$\[$year$] $album$\folder.jpg

CoverDownloaderLocalPath is also used to specify Album Art Downloader XUI's /localImagesPath switch, if it does not match a local file. You will need to set CoverDownloaderXUI=1 to use this feature. Note: $artist$ and $album$ are correctly converted to XUI's %artist% and %album% syntax. The $year$ token is not supported when using this feature.

Therefore, if you do not want to direct REACT to a specific file, you may want to use Album Art Downloader XUI's wildcard support (see explanation below) to specify a more general local search, e.g.:

CoverDownloaderLocalPath=C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\My Music\**\*.jpg

This will open Album Art Downloader XUI, using any JPEG in "C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\My Music" and its subfolders as a potential source.

Another example:

CoverDownloaderLocalPath=C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\My Music\$artist$\**\*.jpg

Album Art Downloader XUI's wildcard support for /localImagesPath:

* Wildcard, matches any characters
\**\ Subfolder search. Any folders will match

at this point in the path. For example "\Art\Unsorted\**\*.jpg" will match:


"\Art\Unsorted\*\*.jpg" will match only:

[Settings] OpenAddMetaDataDiag

If set to 1, the Additional Meta Data dialog is opened in position relative to the bottom right corner of the EAC window at REACT startup. Except when the EAC window is placed out of desktop borders. In this case the dialog is centered (default behavior when opening the dialog manually by Alt-F5).

[UserSettings] DebugMode

Setting this to 1 will create a debugging.txt file in the REACT folder. This file could help you report bugs in REACT. This setting is not related to the "Debug" setting and it will not affect the batch file.


List of updated tools in akku.b04.

Tool Version
flac.exe 1.2.1b
metaflac.exe 1.2.1b
lame.exe 3.98.2
metamp3.exe 0.92 beta 5


Comments, questions, bug reports, etc., please contact Akkurat in Hydrogenaudio Forums.

Or write to REACT 2 Released thread.


2.0.akku.b04 (7th June 2009)

  • Changed files: REACT.exe, REACT.ini, REACT-image.cfg & REACT-track.cfg.
  • Added files - Tools: flac.exe, lame.exe, metaflac.exe & metamp3.exe.

  • Fixed REACT to work with the changed EAC 0.99pb5 command line switches.
  • Fixed a bug with image filenames saved sometimes incorrectly (again for the 3rd time!) in Windows Vista. The method was changed and the procedure is slightly slower now; filename will appear "one letter at a time" to the save dialog.
  • Fixed cuesheet generation again; the indices and gaps detection windows were detected in wrong order. This made REACT error with CD's that had lots of track indices.
  • Fixed left behind glean cuesheet file not deleted in track mode when creating normal cuesheet(s) with the INI setting.
  • Fixed a tricky problem with EAC not using the changed "Use this directory" setting in image mode in certain situations. If you see REACT inserting drive+path+filename "one letter at a time" to the save dialog in image mode, don't fret, it's this fix at work.
  • Fixed bad file naming scheme settings not detected by REACT in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where long lasting and/or failing freedb query made REACT fail to "hook" to the EAC window.

  • Added "check for EAClog" to track config.
  • Changed the bat file delete command so that there is no quick flash of error message at the very end of both configs.
  • Changed Mp3 tagging switches for the updated MetaMP3 in both configs.
  • Added the fix for MetaMP3 "wildcard parse bug with filenames ending with any multiples of 2 consecutive period chars" to both configs.
  • Changed disc related tagging so that both "discname" and "discnumber"/"totaldiscs" tags are written if supplied. Changed also the way the folder structure is created when both are supplied; the "discname" is in parenthesis after the "discnumber": <path>\Disc <discnumber> (<discname>).

  • REACT.ini
    • "Version" updated.
    • Changed default "UserTrackFormats" to "Flac" and "LameMP3".
    • "Opt_LameMP3" updated. Removed "--vbr-new" because it's default VBR routine with the updated LAME encoder.
    • "Ver_LameMP3" updated.
    • "Ver_Flac" updated.

  • Updated FLAC to 1.2.1b (flac.exe & metaflac.exe).
  • Updated LAME to 3.98.2 (lame.exe).
  • Updated MetaMP3 to 0.92 beta 5 (metamp3.exe).
    • Fixes a bug with zero-padded track numbers when using only "tracknumber" in tagging.
    • Updating to this version automatically fixes the "discname" tagging bug in REACT configs.

  • Changed REACT configuring (Ctrl-F2):
    • EAC "Use CD-Text information in CUE sheet generation" setting is set ON (needed with track encoding in image mode).
    • EAC "Create '.m3u' playlist on extraction" setting is set OFF.
    • EAC "Use various artist naming scheme" setting is always set ON.
    • EAC "On unknown CDs," and "automatically access online freedb database" settings are always set ON.
    • REACT now waits for the EAC process to close completely before configuring.
      • Added splash window while closing the process because it could take some time.
    • REACT will now always restart after configuring.

  • Added EAC Compression Queue not supported text to the "Notes" section of the documentation.
  • Added "Tools" section to documentation. Lists all updated tools used in this mod.

2.0.akku.b03 (11th August 2008)

  • Changed feature: now it's possible to create only the cuesheet(s) user wants.
  • Removed "CreateAllCuesheets" option from the INI file! ("CreateCuesheet" option replaced this)
  • Added "CreateCuesheet" INI option. (read the "New INI options" section for how to use this new option)

  • Added new feature: opening the Additional Meta Data dialog at startup is now possible by setting "OpenAddMetaDataDiag" to 1 in the INI file.
  • Changed feature: Additional Meta Data dialog is opened in position relative to the bottom right corner of the EAC window if it's set to open at startup. (read the "New INI options" section for more information)
  • Changed the Additional Meta Data dialog column widths to avoid horizontal scrollbar when vertical scrollbar appears.

  • Changed the way REACT works with Various Artists albums (read the "Notes" section for more information).
    • Fixes the problems with "malformed" VA artist freedb data.
    • Image filename obeys the INI VA setting.
    • Cuesheets & EAC logfile has the INI VA setting value as the CD artist/performer value.
  • Changed the required active naming scheme start value from "%D" to "%D -". REACT will notify the user if the settings are not correct at the program launch.
  • Changed: REACT will notify the user if the "ImageNaming" value in INI doesn't begin with "$artist$ -" at the program launch or after closing the INI file opened by Alt-F2.
  • Changed the way the Additional Meta Data dialog is reinitialized (read the "Notes" section for more information).

  • Changed REACT.ini version. From now on, the INI and the program version will be synchronized (even if there's no update to the INI file).
  • Added previously not included "CoverDownloaderLocalPath" and "DebugMode" options to the INI file.
  • Fixed the previously undocumented "run Album Art Downloader" (Alt-F10) hotkey to be only active when EAC window has focus.

  • Added new token/variable: @reactversion@.
  • Changed "Comment" option in INI file to include the new @reactversion@ token.

  • Fixed cuesheet generation problems when "Retrieve UPC/ISRC code in CUE sheet generation" option is set in EAC.
  • Changed: "Use this directory" setting in EAC is mandatory and REACT will notify the user if it's not set at the program launch. Avoids/fixes the cuesheet generation problems when "Standard directory for extraction: Ask every time" option is set in EAC.
  • Changed: configuring REACT by Ctrl-F2 will now set the "Use this directory" setting in EAC and the user "My Music" directory is used as the destination folder.

  • Fixed a bug with image filenames saved sometimes incorrectly (again) in Windows Vista.
  • Changed: if the image filename set still fails, the user is notified about this and has an option to manually enter the correct filename or by pasting it from the clipboard.

  • Fixed EAClog cleanup. Only the left behind EAClog of current album is deleted.

  • Fixed a couple of problems when the INI file opened by Alt-F2 wasn't closed before ripping. REACT now notifies the user about this and the INI file (in Notepad) must be closed.

  • Fixed lost window focus when starting REACT.
  • Fixed lost window focus when changing the CD Artist or CD Title fields.
  • Fixed couple of REACT info not visible in EAC window title problems.

  • Updated AutoIt from v3.2.8.1 to v3.2.12.1 and changed REACT to work with the new version. There were some fixes, among others, to AutoIt in Vista, so hopefully this update improves REACT functionality in Vista.

  • Fixed up a bit the "DebugMode" logging mess to debugging.txt when multithreading in tracks mode.

2.0.akku.b02 (10th May 2008, first public release)

  • Feature change: CoverDownloader starts now before cuesheet generation.

2.0.akku.b01 (7th February 2008)

  • Fixed a rare bug with image filenames saved sometimes incorrectly.
  • Changed the cuesheet creation once more to fix couple of rare bugs.
  • Changed REACT-track.cfg to show DOS prompt output correctly when Debug=1 set.
  • Fixed left behind EAClog cleanup failure when using EAC 0.99 versions.


Latest version direct download:

Older versions (and file hashes) are available from Akkurat's REACT mod thread in Hydrogenaudio Forums.

Synthetic Soul's Mod

Screenshot demonstrating the Additional Meta Data dialogue

Synthetic Soul maintains a mod of REACT 2.0.

Key Points

  • Additional Meta Data dialogue allows you to easily edit supplemental disc and track information.
  • Track-level tokens supported.
  • Additional meta data added to cuesheets, as REM statements.
  • Fixes issue in REACT with '%' in any field ( post ).
  • Fixes issue in REACT with '&' in the track name when using REACT-track.cfg ( post and post ).
  • Works with new- (EAC 0.99 prebeta 1) and old-style log files.
  • Will only rewrite INI file on major or minor version change, not a new build.
  • Use Test & Copy by adding Test=1 under the Settings section of REACT.ini.


The main purpose of this mod is to allow users to easily provide additional meta data to the REACT configs. This is achieved by the introduction of an Additional Meta Data dialogue, which allows users to easily create, amend and delete additional tokens, which can be used either to set tag values (e.g.: @discnumber@) , or as variables used in conditions within the config to alter the processing path (e.g.: @_disctype@).

The dialogue is opened using Alt+F5. The new dialogue is non-modal, but will stay on top of the EAC main window; if you minimise EAC the dialogue is minimised also. If you close the dialogue it is simply hidden from view, so your list items will stay intact. Therefore, if you need to set various meta data for each disc that you are ripping, you may choose to keep the dialogue open throughout the process; however, if you only need to use it to alter values infrequently, you can leave it hidden, but know that the values are still available to your config file.

The current list state is recorded in a new file called "meta.ini" in your REACT folder. The values in this INI are eventually used to replace tokens with values when your config runs. The INI is updated any time that you update or delete an item.

Setting Defaults

Default tokens and their values can be set in the REACT.ini file, under the newly created DefaultMetaData section. When REACT is initially opened, or the user changes a disc, the token values are reset to these defaults. The dialogue allows you to quickly and easily amend the token values on a per disc basic, rather than having to edit the INI manually (see 'A Basic Alternative').

A simple example would be the @discnumber@ and @totaldiscs@ tokens, which are initially set to a default of '1'. If you are ripping a multi-disc album you can alter these values as required, in the knowledge that they will revert to '1' when a new disc is inserted. The article 'REACT:Adding Support For Disc Information' details config changes that will use these tokens to add disc information to your files, and amend the folder structure, if @totaldiscs@ exceeds one.

Processing Tokens

Your additional tokens are inserted into any cuesheets created using REM statements, so are available to ACDIR, and any other application that can parse cuesheets with REM statements. Album-level tokens are added at the top of the cuesheet, with the other global values. Track-level tokens are added beneath the appropriate TRACK statement. Therefore, if you are ripping to an image, you can still use these values with any tracks you create, using ACDIR's $R{} and $r{} syntax, e.g.: $R{DISCNUMBER} and $r{COMPOSER}.

If you do not want certain tokens added to the cuesheet you can prefix the token name with an underscore, e.g.: @_disctype@. These are assumed to be temporary, or processing, tokens, used purely for conditionally executing sections of your config.

Track-Level Tokens

Most tokens are album-related. If you want to set track-level tokens you should use the format <token name>[<track number>], e.g.: composer[1] to set the composer token value for track one. Your config should refer to the token only by name, e.g.: @composer@. When processing track one, @composer@ will be replaced by the value of composer[1], when processing track two, @composer@ will be replaced by the value of composer[2], etc.

Using The Tokens

You can use both @ and $-style tokens in your config. When using $ tokens any integer value will be zero-padded ("4" -> "04") and any string values will be converted to a filename-friendly value, using the standard REACT character replacement. Therefore, if you create a token called discname you can use @discname@ when tagging, and $discname$ when creating a file or folder name.

A Basic Alternative

If you want to use additional tokens in your config but do not want to use this mod you can add additional variables to the existing UserTrackFormats, UserOutputNames, and, more pertinently, UserSettings sections of REACT.ini. You will need to update these variables by hand in a text editor if the value required for the disc you are ripping differs from the current value set.


2.0.ssb5, 03/05/07

  • First public release.

2.0.ssb6, 04/05/07

  • Additional Meta Data dialogue made child of EAC window.
  • Changed function prefix from fGUI to fDiag to save confusion.

2.0.ssb8, 14/05/07

  • Moved default values into REACT.ini.
  • Fixed the code that writes track-level meta data to the cuesheet.
  • Current token values now stored in "meta.ini", not "metadata.ini".
  • Moved a little more code from the main source file into the include.

2.0.ssb9, 14/05/07

  • Track cuesheets now supported.

2.0.ssb10, 30/05/07

  • Added underscore prefix to identify temporary tokens.
  • Fixed REACT issue with "%" in any field. ( post )
  • Fixed REACT issue with "&" in the track name when using REACT-track.cfg. ( post and post )

2.0.ssb11, 01/07/07

  • Works with new- (EAC 0.99 prebeta 1) and old-style (EAC 0.95 beta 4 and earlier) log files. ( post )
  • Will only rewrite INI file on major or minor version change, not a new build.

2.0.ssb12, 02/07/07

  • Log file handling now works correctly for track ripping.

2.0.ssb13, 04/07/07

  • Reverted cover filename to "<album>.jpg" irrespective of EAC version. ( post )

2.0.ssb15, 17/07/07

  • Reverted @albumfile@ to "<sourcedir>\<album>", irrespective of the EAC version. ( post )
  • Add Test=1 under the Settings section of REACT.ini to use Test and Copy mode.

2.0.ssb16, 29/07/07

  • Fixed issues with meta data changing mid-process. meta.ini is now only updated with the GUI values immediately before a rip begins.
  • Fixed bug with @ and $ values. @totaldiscs@ will now correctly return "3", while $totaldiscs$ will return "03".

2.0.ssb16b, 15/08/07

  • Fixed issue with log file name when ripping a VA album to tracks ( post ).

2.0.ssb16c, 21/08/07

  • Add CoverDownloaderXUI=1 to the [Settings] section of your REACT.ini when using Album Art XUI, and REACT will cope with JPEG, GIF, and PNG album art ( post ).

2.0.ssb16d, 21/08/07

  • Added BMP support to above.

2.0.ssb16e, 23/08/07

  • Fixed bug with above, where the artist and album did not change with the disc.

2.0.ssb16f, 11/09/07

  • Hitting Ctrl+F2 to reconfigure EAC will now ensure that the working directories used by EAC are in synch ( post and post ).

2.0.ssb16g, 17/09/07

  • You can now process an existing wav/cue/log(/jpg) file-set by passing the full cuesheet path to REACT as a single parameter. This will treat the files as if they had just been created by EAC as per normal execution.

2.0.ssb16h, 17/09/07

  • Set CoverDownloaderLocalPath, in the [Settings] section of your REACT.ini, to the path of your existing album art if you would rather chose those over any downloaded using the cover downloader. You may use $artist$ and $album$ tokens in the path, e.g.:
CoverDownloaderLocalPath=C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\My Music\$artist$\$album$\folder.jpg

2.0.ssb16i, 12/11/07

  • Fixed a bug with CreateAllCuesheets when detecting gaps is required ( post ).
  • Reinstated TracksHotVal, after unwittingly removing the functionality.

2.0.ssb16j, 14/11/07

  • Artist and album names are now correctly escaped in the album art command lines ( post ).
  • Apostrophes in the log file name are now correctly replaced with a space (in track mode) ( post ).

2.0.ssb16k, 16/11/07

  • Apostrophes no longer wrongly replaced, and double quotes now simply removed from album art command line. ( post ).
  • UserOutputNames INI section no longer escaped, so you can again use Window's tokens, e.g.: %USERPROFILE% ( post ).
  • REACT now checks that EAC is the active window before sending the commands to create the four cuesheets.

2.0.ssb16l, 19/11/07

  • Log file name in track mode now, finally, calculated correctly.
  • The RunCoverDownloader values as documented in the wiki page should now work as expected.

2.0.ssb16m, 28/11/07

  • The number of tracks to process is now calculated from a cuesheet in track mode.
  • Expanded CreateAllCuesheets code to notify the user if a problem occurs.

2.0.ssb16n, 30/11/07

  • Added Akkurat's improvements to the CreateAllCuesheets processing.
  • Added nago's multi-thread amendments.
  • Updated configs and INI are now included in the download.

2.0.ssb16o, 29/01/08

  • Fixed a bug regarding track-level tokens with double-digit track numbers.

2.0.ssb16p, 02/02/08

  • Fixed a bug with backslashes in additional meta data not being written to cuesheets.
  • Double quotes in additional meta data are now converted to apostrophes when written to the batch file.


REACT 2.0.ssb16p