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Resampler DSP (SSRC X)

SSRC X settings window
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Preview release 0.57 (May 11, 2008)
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Resampler DSP (SSRC X) is an alternative build of Resampler DSP (SSRC) (foo_dsp_ssrc).

Linear phase is the default phase response.

Because the settings are very unclear in SSRC X, the file contains a read me. However that is encoded in non standard Standard-Japanese for MAC unicode. For convenience this has been converted and translated below.

User guide (translated)

This is a modification of foo_dsp_ssrc created by Otachan.

  • Enabled to set SSRC parameters in detail. Of course, you can also use presets.
  • Enabled to specify multiple conversion destination sample rates. If you specify more than one, one is automatically selected according to the conversion source sample rate. If there is no need to convert, no conversion will be performed.
  • Changed some of the processing during upsampling. By changing the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter, the alienating noise in the high frequency range is corrected.

This plugin was created with the intention of using it with KS output.

This plugin uses SSRC for sample rate conversion as needed. SSRC was created by Mr. Shibata, and is characterized by achieving both conversion quality and low load at a high level.

If you try to play a sample rate audio that the hardware cannot handle, the kernel mixer will automatically perform the sample rate conversion. However, the quality of the sample rate conversion by this kernel mixer is not good, which causes deterioration of sound quality. Therefore, it will be possible to reduce the deterioration of sound quality by converting the sample rate to a sample rate that can be handled by the hardware in advance with SSRC.

It will also be useful for sample rate conversion of WAV files.


Display information on console - enables Conversion status can be shown via the console accessible via "View" "Console" in foobar2000.

Sample rates (Hz) - Check all the sample rate that the hardware can handle.

AA (dB) - Anti-aliasing Rejection (applies to down sampling only). Typical settings:

16 bit sound card → 103 dB

24-bit sound card (inexpensive) → 127 dB

24-bit sound card (expensive) → 151 dB

DF [Hz] - Always enabled depending on input/output combo - Its a High Pass Filter.

1M fs - Default SSRC algorithm filter is always enabled for down sampling. Otherwise a custom cutoff can be specified within the range specified below:

50 → 22.0 kHz (-3 dB) Maximum

500 → 21.7 kHz (-3 dB)

2000 → 20.5 kHz (-3 dB)

4000 → 19.0 kHz (-3 dB)

8000 → 15.9 kHz (-3 dB)

16000 → 9.5 kHz (-3 dB) Minimum

When Up sampling this has little if any effect.

The DF differs from the original SSRC algorithm. The DF (Hz) in SSRCX is half that of the original plug-in. For example, DF (Hz) = 50 for this plug-in is equivalent to DF = 100 for SSRC.

FFTFIRLIN - Leave at 1 unless otherwise required Its automatic and reflects AA and DF settings.

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