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The Display page and its subpage contain options to change the appearance of foobar2000.

Related subpages:


User interface module

The most important option on the Display page itself is the user interface selection. This option selects the active user interface. Only the Default User Interface is installed by default. foobar2000 has to be restarted before changes in this option take effect.

Misc. settings

VBR bitrate updates per second

This option affects how often the dynamic bitrate for variable bitrate formats is updated. Not all input components support reporting dynamic bitrate, but this will surely work for MP3, Musepack, Vorbis and AAC.

Show keyboard shortcuts in menus

This option determines if keyboard shortcuts are shown in the main and context menus. This works for Default User Interface and Columns UI.

Double-width characters in title formatting

This option determines how double-width characters are treated in titleformatting scripts: whether to ignore them or to count as two regular characters.


The following subpages are present at all times:

The following subpages are present if you have Default User Interface (foo_ui_std) installed. As it's name implies, Default User Interface is installed by default.

The following subpages are present if you have Columns UI (foo_ui_columns) installed. Columns UI is a third party component.