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In versions prior to foobar2000 0.9.5, this page allows customization of some global titleformatting scripts. It is specifically applicable to the Default User Interface, and may be applicable to alternative user interfaces as well.

Starting with foobar2000 0.9.5, this preferences page no longer exists. All title formatting options for the Default User Interface have been moved to the components own preferences pages. For compatibility with old components, the global title formatting options are still available on the Advanced preferences page in the Display branch as "Legacy title formatting options".

The rest of this page describes the preferences page as it exists in versions prior to 0.9.5.

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This page allows customization of some global titleformatting scripts. Note that the playlist script is used by the Default User Interface, but not necessarily by other user interfaces; for example, Columns UI uses columns based configuration for the playlist display.



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