Foobar2000:Components/Playlist Dropdown (foo uie playlists dropdown)

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Screenshot of foo_uie_playlists_dropdown

foo_uie_playlists_dropdown displays the playlist in a dropdown menu for a Columns UI or Panels UI layout.



Some features include

  • Different icons for normal / locked / active / playing playlists (you can turn off the icons).
  • Custom sorting (doesn't affect playlists, but the way they are displayed).
  • Configurable playlist titles on list.
  • Configurable font.
  • Configurable font and background colors.
  • Simple context-menu.

The list can display various information about playlists (through formatting strings):

  • %title% Name of the playlist.
  • %lock% Present if the playlist is locked (returns name of the lock, for example Autoplaylist or Read-only).
  • %size% Number of items (songs) the playlist contains.
  • %length% Playlist's length (duration), formatted as [HH:]MM:SS.
  • %filesize% Total filesize of the playlist (in bytes -> use e.g. $div(%filesize%,1048576) to retrieve size in MB).
  • %isplaying% Present if the playlist is currently being played (to be used as a switch for $if()).
  • %isactive% Present if the playlist is active (to be used as a switch for $if()).
  • %index% Index of the playlist.
  • %total% Total number of playlists.
  • %id% Original index of the playlist (when the list is sorted).

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