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Playlist Attributes

Developer(s) fbuser
Release information
Initial release August 1, 2009; 15 years ago
Stable release 1.0.3 (May 21, 2023)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
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Minimum version 2.0
Maximum version
UI module(s) N/A
Additional information
Use Other
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This component allows assigning various attributes to a playlist.


  • Depending on the settings for the replaygain source, this component interferes with the settings of foo_rg_trn (replaygain override), which may result in unexpected behaviour. But in general you can use both components together.
  • It's not recommended to use "playback follows cursor" together with prioritized playlists or "continue on playlist". It might lead to glitches during playback in certain situations.

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