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Developer(s) Jacques Heunis [D3zmodos]
Repository GitHub
Release information
Initial release March 28, 2021; 3 years ago[1]
Stable release 1.8 (October 28, 2023)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
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Minimum version 1.5
Maximum version
UI module(s) Default UI; Columns UI
Additional information
Use Lyrics
License MIT License
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An open-source lyrics plugin that includes its own UI panel for displaying timed and untimed lyrics as well as sources for downloading lyrics that are not available locally. Supports automated and manual lyric searching, saving and editing directly from within foobar2000.


Select specific search sources.
Default values:
Local files
QQ Music
NetEase Music Online
Exclude text in brackets...
Disregard text in brackets when performing internet searches.
ID3 Tag to search/save to
A semicolon-separated list of field names used for loading/saving lyrics.
Musixmatch Authentication Token
Allows the use of a personal Musixmatch token for making Musixmatch API calls.




Save method
The following options are available:
  • Save to text file [default]
  • Save to tag
The following options are available:
  • Always [default]
  • Only synced lyrics
  • Only unsynced lyrics
  • Never
Collapse multiple instances of the same line when saving timestamped lyrics
Converts multiple lines with the same value into a single line with multiple timestamps. Line order is restored when viewing the lyrics via either the UI panel or the "Show lyrics" context menu command.

ID3 Tags

If "Save to tag" is selected, specify the field names to which lyrics should be stored.
  • Unsynced tag: UNSYNCEDLYRICS [default]
  • Synced tag: LYRICS [default]

Local Files

File name format
If "Save to text file" is selected, sets the naming format of the resulting .lrc file.
Default value: [%artist% - ][%title%]
Save directory
The following options are available:
  • Save to configuration directory [default]
  • Save to the same directory as the track
  • Save to a custom directory
Custom path format
If "Save to a custom directory" is selected, allows a custom path to be used.
Default value: C:\Lyrics\%artist%


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