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MIDI Player

Developer(s) pqyt
Repository Github
Release information
Initial release November 3, 2022; 1 year ago
Stable release (June 3, 2023)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
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Minimum version 1.6.13
Maximum version
UI module(s) N/A
Additional information
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Foo_midi is a foobar2000 component that adds playback of MIDI files to foobar2000. It is based on foo_midi by kode54.


Decodes General MIDI files (.MID, .MIDI, .RMI, .KAR) and several MIDI based formats. (.MIDS, .MDS, .HMI, .HMP, .MUS, .XMI, .LDS).

Supports several synthesizers, several of which do not require any additional files to play back music. The bundled synthesizers which do not require additional files may sound rather basic, though.

Supports FluidSynth SoundFont (.sf2) based synthesizer, including support for the newer compressed format. (.sf3). SoundFonts may be loaded in a simple, or even complex setup, using either basic .sflist text files encoded in UTF-8 format, but for now, it only supports a bare list of files.

Supports 32 and 64-bit VST instruments.

Supports dark mode.

Compatible with foobar 1.6.13 or later (32 or 64-bit version).


Microsoft Windows 10 or later foobar2000 v1.6.3 or later

Getting started

Double-click foo_midi.fbk2-component, or Import foo_midi.fbk2-component into foobar2000 using "File / Preferences / Components / Install...".

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