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Change log


User interface:

  • New Album art display modes
  • Themed selection style with default background colors
  • Automatic column size adjustment to use the full width
  • Smooth mouse scrolling with middle-button.
  • Mouse rectangle selection from all columns instead of only the first one
  • Edit, Select all, Ctrl+A selects the summary item, option to hide it
  • Thinner splitters, cut/copy/paste individual panes in layout editing mode
  • Faster column sorting, initialization of multiple columns
  • Previous scroll positions are restored after restart


  • Filter toolbar for frequently used searches, new search results menu
  • Reset button can be disabled or moved in front of the search box
  • Search syntax supports DURING LAST, SORT BY, SORT DESCENDING BY
  • Added entry to the library menu, assign as keyboard shortcut to focus the search
  • Fixed search box redraw problems with classic visual style

Playlist interaction:

  • New source mode to display contents of the current playlist
  • Use media library selection playlist, faster playlist updates
  • Playing selection playlist is preserved by default when changing selection
  • Autoplaylist editor, opens Facets view that was used to create it


  • Updated preferences page to use new buttons, refined looks
  • Title formatting additions to deal with leading "The" of multivalue fields
  • Color control syntax to <dim> and >highlight< text, removed $rgb support
  • Default sort order option replaces usage of "Sort incoming files by"


  • New statistics: first and last added, last release, lossless ratio, played duration, total peak
  • Ratings use playback statistics database in addition to tags
  • Optional AND selection logic, useful to find tracks with all selected genres
  • Removed useless "Remove dead entries" context menu entry