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Channel Spectrum panel
Recreation of channel spectrum panel.png
This image above is a recreation of this component using this below.
Developer(s) ssenna
Release information
Initial release
Stable release 0.17.2 (May 18, 2008)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
Architecture x86 32-bit
Minimum version TBC
Maximum version
UI module(s) Columns UI
Additional information
Use Visualization
License Proprietary freeware
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A spectrum analyzer component that displays FFTs of each separate channels.


Settings window for Channel Spectrum panel


Refresh interval
Visualization rendering interval in milliseconds (frame rate in FPS is inversely proportional to this parameter; ~16ms = 60fps)
Show peaks
Visualizes spectral peaks, with falling animation similar to WMP bars visualization
Range scale
The dB range for this visualization
Logarithm scale
Whether or not amplitude scale is more of logarithmic/dB kind
Note: This is for old FFT method only
Linear scale (frequency)
Makes the frequency scale linear, otherwise a pseudo-logarithmic one similar to Mel scale
Bar width
The width of the visualization bars. Higher width in px means lower number of bands
Edge style
Style for the panel border
Color mode
Drawing style for the visualization bars
FFT size
The window size for the FFT algorithm
Window function
The window function for the FFT visualization
Note: New method uses Gaussian window instead of rectangular


Bar color 1
First color of the visualization bars
Bar color 2
Second color for the visualization bars
Peak color
The color for the spectral peaks
Background color
The color for the background
Grid color
The color for the frequency/amplitude grid
Transparent background
Makes the background transcluscent
Fast pseudo-transparent mode
Performs approximate transparency for background instead of slower more exact ones.

Frequency/amplitude grid

Show frequency ticks
Shows the frequency grid
Show amplitude ticks
Shows the frequency grid


Frequency grid is spaced in 2kHz increments from DC offset frequency to approximately the Nyquist frequency for short ticks, where as 10kHz increments for long ticks.

dB grids are displayed in 10dB and 20dB increments for short and long ticks respectively down from 0dB

External links

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  • Channel spectrum + custom FFT on CodePen (not a fb2k component, though it is a reasonable substitute for users of fb2k x64 and Default UI users)