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Developer(s) MarkP
Release information
Initial release December 11, 2022; 2 years ago
Stable release 1.56 (October 25, 2023)
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Minimum version 1.6
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This is an updated foo_input_adplug component, based on the great original work by Kode54, so you can continue to enjoy your DOSBox and MAME classics in the 64bit world. The changes have been so extensive since the last version of the source so it has got own new name, foo_adplug, in line with the more modern naming convention.


  • Supports 64bit (and continues support for 32bit).
  • Supports ✨Dark Mode✨.
  • Built against the latest AdPlug source, now including some new OPL emulators, such as Tatsuyuki Satoh's.
  • All now redundant functionality removed (things that Foobar2000 does better now, like external tagging, sample rate conversion, etc..)
  • Taken a purist AdLib approach (only real hardware sample rates supported, etc..).
  • Preferences panel has had a refresh and now better matches the native look and feel of FB2K.
  • Supports exposing more AdPlug properties in the tags.
  • WoodyOPL is now the default emulator, as it matches the DOSBox one and doesn't glitch on seek like NukedOPL3


  • Plugin priority should be automatically set to low, as foo_adplug will also play AdLib Tracker S3Ms. I expect most people will have Amiga S3Ms they want to prioritise.
  • MIDI support has been removed, there are better plugins for that (foo_midi).
  • Built in tagging has been removed, there are better plugins for that (foo_external_tags).
  • The standalone DOSBox core has been removed, as AdPlug now contains this itself (WoodyOPL).
  • Built-in resampling has been removed, FB2K does this itself.

Known issues

  • Jarek Burczynski's OPL emulator only renders to the left channel for now.

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