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====Remote control====
====Remote control====
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Advanced Controls (foo_advancedcontrols)|Advanced Controls (foo_advancedcontrols)]]  Control all the playback functions from icons in the Taskbar Notification Area (play, pause, next, previous, open)
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Bluetooth Control (foo_bluetooth_ctrl)|Bluetooth Control (foo_bluetooth_ctrl)]] Control your favourite music player using your favourite Symbian-based bluetooth enabled phone.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/COM Automation Server (foo_comserver2)|COM Automation Server (foo_comserver2)]] Allows controlling foobar2000 through COM Automation
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Control Server (foo_controlserver)|Control Server (foo_controlserver)]] Acts as a server to control Foobar2000. Connect with a telnet client and control it using ASCII commands.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/DDE Control (foo_ddecontrol)|DDE Control (foo_ddecontrol)]] Control foobar remotelly with DDE interprocess communication (interface in japanese only).
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/HTTP Writer (foo_write_http)|HTTP Writer (foo_write_http)]] It's TCP/IP server that listens on a specified port for incoming requests such as play, stop, etc.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Joystick Control (foo_joystick_control)|Joystick Control (foo_joystick_control)]] Control foobar2000 from a joystick/gamepad.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/MIDI Transport(foo_miditransport)|MIDI Transport (foo_miditransport)]] Control Foobar2k from external MIDI controllers (CC and MMC transport).
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Minibar2k (foo_Minibar2k)|Minibar2k (foo_Minibar2k)]] Control Foobar2k from your PDA (PocketPC based).
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Remote Control (foo_remotecontrol)|Remote Control (foo_remotecontrol)]] Adds support to Melloware Intelliremote software which claims to work with Creative remote control (Soundblaster Live!, Audigy, Extigy, Audigy ZS and Soundblaster X-Fi.)
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/RM-1800 (foo_mr1800)|RM-1800 (foo_mr1800)]] Adds support of Creative X-Fi's remote (RM-1800).
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/RM-X Media Edition (foo_rmx)|RM-X Media Edition (foo_rmx)]] Yet another plugin for remote control. SHAREWARE.
* [[Foobar2000:Components 0.9/WinLIRC Client (foo_lirc)|WinLIRC Client (foo_lirc)]] Control Foobar from a remote control.

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This page contains most foobar2000 components available at time of history last update.

Official components

The following components are created and maintained by the foobar2000 development team. Support for them should be asked for in the Support forum.

Included in the installer

Required components

The following components are required for installation. These components are installed when type of installation is Minimal.

  • Default user interface (foo ui std) · Allows complex layout using building blocks that are called UI Elements, many of them already present after the installation.
  • Standard DSP Array (foo_dsp_std) · Equalizer, resampler, advanced limiter, hard limiter, stereo to 4 channel upmixer and a couple other effects
  • Standard Input Array/FFmpeg Decoders (foo_input_std)

Optional components

The Optional Features screen of the foobar2000 installer

In addition to foobar2000's core functionality, following components can be installed as needed, through choice of Type of install.

If selected "Normal", following components will be included, cumulative to Minimal:

If selected "Full", following additional components will be included, cumulative to Normal and Minimal:

Additional components

These components are provided as separate downloads, found on the Official Components page.

3rd party components

The following components are created and maintained by 3rd-party authors, using foobar2000's SDK. Support for these components should be asked for in the 3rd Party Plugins forum. Asking for help directly in the component's thread is usually preferred.

User Interface Modules

Columns UI

Columns UI (foo_ui_columns) Very popular alternate interface for foobar2000 based on a columns and panel layout.

Columns UI introduced components with panel capability which extend the user interface.

User interface add-ons

UI elements

The default user interface (foo_ui_std), included in the standard installation package, can be extended with the following component(s):


Panels extend the functionality of Columns UI components.


Multichannel audio






Music decoders

Other decoders

V2M Decoder






Online database

Online radio

Playlist tools

Playback statistics

Remote control


External links