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The purpose of this guide is helping you create AAC/MP4 files the most easy and quick way possible.

Ripping from CD directly to AAC[edit]

  1. Using Apple iTunes
  2. Using CDex + Psytel AACenc or NAACenc
  3. Using EAC + Psytel AACenc or NAACenc
  4. Using KAudioCreator + FAAC
  5. Using K3b + Nero AAC (via Wine)

Encoding to AAC[edit]

  1. Using Apple iTunes
  2. Using Nero AAC (or NAACenc)
  3. Using FAAC
  4. Using Psytel AACenc and Fastenc
  5. Using Sorenson Squeeze

Transcoding from other formats to AAC[edit]

(of course, conversion from lossy formats is never recommended. The idea of this guide is to help people convert from lossless formats. i.e ALAC)

  1. Using Foobar2000 + foo_neroaac
  2. Using Ahead Nero + Mausau's plugins
  3. Using K3b + Nero AAC (via Wine)

Wrapping AAC streams in MP4[edit]

  1. Using MP4ui
  2. Using MPEG4ip MP4creator


  1. Playing back AAC files