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Wapet can be used to encode an audio file and tag it with APEv2 or APEv1 tags in one step.

In essence, Wapet will first execute a separate commandline encoder - such as Monkey's Audio or OptimFROG - using the command line the user provides, and then immediately add any APEv2 or APEv1 tags to the file specified by the user.

This is useful for programs like Exact Audio Copy (EAC) which will let you compress files using an external encoder, which may not support native tagging while encoding.


Case stopped developing Wapet after version 0.3. In 0.4 Neil Popham (Synthetic Soul) added the -f switch to allow users to set a tag from the contents of a text file.


Additional Reading

  • Tag, also written by Case

Command Line Help

Version 0.5, Compiled 2005-04-21

Usage: wapet <target> [tagging options] <encoder> <encoder options>

target          : name of the file <encoder> creates
tagging options : -t "tag=value" ; for example -t "Artist=%a"
                : -f "tag=file" ; set tag from contents of file <file>
                : -ape1 ; use APEv1 instead of APEv2
encoder         : name of the encoder
encoder options : required parameters for encoder