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Suggested Documentation[edit]


Looking at both the official docs. The USAGE file and detail usage html document. I suggest they both be updated to contain the same description, which could be the following. I will edit this section in-place as new information becomes available.

-q 0: Use best and slowest of all algorithms/parameters available.
-q 2: Same as -h. Higher quality than default. Lower values of -q may not produce significantly higher quality.
-q 3: Default value. Good speed, good quality.
-q 5-6: Very fast, average quality. Uses faster huffman encoding (noise shaping)
-q 7-9: Same as -f. Fastest, lowest quality. Psycho acoustics are used for pre-echo & M/S, but no noise shaping is done.

For the default VBR mode since LAME 3.98, -q 0 thru 4 are mapped to -q 0, and is the default.

--Makaki 19:06, 3 June 2013 (CEST)