REACT:Pausing For The Logfile

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On occasion it seems that the logfile is not created before it is required by command lines in the config file. This may result in an error if, for example, you are trying to embed the logfile in your lossless image, or move it to another directory.

One way to resolve this is to add the following code to your config file.

Add this code under the existing line "REM ---- Image ----". It will create a label called "CheckForLog", check that the logfile exists, and if not redirect to the label "Pause".

REM ---- Image ----

REM Ensure that the EAC log is available
IF NOT EXIST "@eaclog@" GOTO Pause

Add this code to the end of your config file. It will create a label called "Pause", pause for two seconds (2000 milliseconds) and then return to the label "CheckForLog".


REM Pause for 2000 milliseconds and return to :CheckForLog
@ECHO Waiting for EAC log file...
PING -n 1 -w 2000 >NUL
GOTO CheckForLog

Using this method the two second pause will only occur in the unlikely event that the logfile does not currently exist, and will continue to pause until it does.