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Some of us of the Hydrogenaudio and foobar2000 community like playing multiplayer games. This page keeps track of who plays what game and the in-game IDs. Meet us on #foobar2000 or #hydrogenaudio.

Don't put anything besides IRC nicknames in here! If you want to play, ask on IRC!

Battlefield 3

  • Case, diminish, Garf, kode54, Kohlrabi, mudlord, saivert, vbm, y4n, Zao

Diablo III

  • Canar, chaosblade, Chastity, diminish, Kohlrabi, Maestro, Zao

League Of Legends

  • Canar, Kohlrabi, Zao

StarCraft 2

  • diminish, Garf, y4n

World Of Tanks

  • Kohlrabi, tomek