ISC requirements

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An ISC - International Steering Committee - formed by the IFPI, RIAA, RIAJ and the major recording studios created a set of recommendations of what features the next generation music distribution media should provide:

  • Copy protection system
  • Copyright identification (uses the ISRC)
  • Anti-Piracy measures
  • Compatible with CD format <- DVD-Audio doesn't follow that recommendation
  • Discs to carry audio, video and data.
  • Conditional Access to additional content on the discs.
  • Six audio channels of the highest possible sound quality.
  • Accessibility & disc functions better than CD players.
  • Packaging must not involve a disc caddy.
  • Disc durability should be greater than CDs
  • Slide show during audio playback.
  • One-sided 12-cm disc is favoured.
  • Minimum playing time at maximum quality 74 minutes