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Featured articles are the articles in HAK selected as the best by the community. There should be four at a time.

Process for featured articles[edit]

  1. Nominate them as featured (see below)
  2. If it succeeds...
    1. Add {{featured}} to the top of the article
    2. Edit Template:falist accordingly, replacing the article that was most disagreed on
    3. Remove {{featured}} from the article that was most disagreed on
    4. All done!
  3. If it fails...
    1. Try and improve the article!
    2. Nominate it again when you think it's ready.

Currently Featured[edit]



Exact Audio Copy

(Ogg) Vorbis

Voting on featured articles[edit]

Use this format:

*'''Vote''' Reason for vote ~~~~

Nominating an article[edit]

Add it to this page like this:

== [[Article]] ==
Reason for nomination ~~~~

Also, at the top of the article, add {{featured-proposed}}.