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The Fraunhofer Society is a German research organization. The German name is Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and is often abbreviated FhG. The organization is comprised of several institutes. One in particular, Fraunhofer IIS, has had a significant role in the development of digital audio technologies.

Fraunhofer collects patent license fees on MP3 and AAC codecs.

Fraunhofer IIS Codecs

  • FhG MP3, a licensed MP3 encoder included in Winamp
  • FhG AAC, a licensed AAC encoder included in Winamp
    • Optimized for encoding music on desktop-class processors using floating-point math
    • Not open source
  • Fraunhofer FDK AAC, included in Android
    • Optimized for low-delay encoding of real-time communication on embedded systems/mobile phones, using fixed-point math
    • Source code available as part of the Android Open Source Project

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