Foobar2000 Mobile:Version 1.5 Preview Change Log

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(newest first)


  • Internet radio album cover regression fix.


  • Playback CPU usage optimizations.
  • Added Ogg chapter support.
  • Made possible to store ReplayGain peak information in Opus files.
  • Updated zlib to 1.3.1.
  • Refuse to search empty library.
  • Made search button hidden on main page if library view is hidden via tweaks.

2024-02-14 [Android only]

  • Picture viewer behavior updates.
  • Addressed some corner cases where Android TV remote behaved erratically.


  • Fixed internet radio browser crash reading specific stations.
  • Added picture viewer - long tap album header, skin cover art, or a picture file in folder view to view the picture with zoom.
  • Fixed recent regression with stuck previous cover art when playing a file without cover after a file with cover.


  • Scroll-to-now-playing vs Android TV mitigations, keep focus from going into some undefined location, also added opt-out.
  • Skinning: fixed *if seekable.
  • Fixed media library scanner regression, causing failure to add newly added items to database.
  • Fixed some formats (webm among others) not being picked up by media library.


  • Skinning: fixed 2024-02-02 regression with *if next
  • Worked around specific radio stations serving nonsense cover URLs.
  • Fixed downloader failure when downloaded file name is too long.
  • Made playing album view scroll to follow playing track.
  • iOS: Fixed wrong colors in downloader page.


  • Skinning tech updates: *if radio, *if seekable, [streamtitle], [infosource-nowplaying-static], implemented missing handler for onetrack button click.
  • Worked around per-track external cover art not being read properly in some cases.
  • Made track info reloaded on playback, if track appears to have been modified.
  • Various obscure crash bugs fixed.


  • Crash regressions fixed.


  • Skinning: Fixed [infosource-*] being parsed incorrectly.


  • Skinning: Prevented label [field] parsing from breaking title formatting square brackets.
  • Skinning: Expanded conditional evaluation and next track info manipulation, see skin format doc for details.
  • iOS: Fixed a bug that caused reverting to the default skin after app restart, if a skin other than default black/white was chosen.


  • Cleanup of skinning system in progress.
  • New skin file format. Old skins still work. See: Foobar2000_Mobile:Skin_file_format
  • Slight changes in default skin.
  • Android TV API 30 fixes, skin picker wasn't usable.
  • Exposed "Skins" folder via FTP server, as it's unbelievably annoying to load skins on some devices otherwise.