Foobar2000:Version 2.0 Beta Change Log

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Beta 2[edit]

  • Fixed crash on old configuration import.

Beta 3[edit]

  • Component loader no longer probes menu command GUIDs, which was crashing some components. Was meant to prevent specific known incompatible components from loading.
  • Now shows CPU architecture (x86 or x64) in about box.
  • Fixed Media Library performing unnecessary tag reloads in some scenarios.
  • Crash bugs fixed.
  • Made Preferences / Output / Devices usable without a mouse.

Beta 4[edit]

  • MP4 tagging: do not set Various Artists if itunescompilation is present but set to 0.
  • Crash bugs fixed.
  • Made installer refuse to upgrade old non-portable installs containing profile data in application folder, which is no longer supported.
  • Fixed metadb lock up with large queryInfoMulti() batches.
  • Fixed library search by rating not working.
  • Added ReFacets to library viewers list.
  • Fixed missing double click to fullscreen in Default UI visualisations.
  • Fixed disappearing live playback info on playback statistics update.
  • Fixed longer-than-necessary gap when reopening exclusive-mode output on format change.
  • Fixed seekbar & visualisation glitches when playing very short audio tracks with exclusive-mode output.

Beta 5[edit]

  • Fixed various crash bugs.
  • Improved rendering performance of very large playlists with grouping & album art enabled.
  • Made ReFacets sorting remembered.
  • Fixed inverted titles of "Add Files" vs "Open" dialogs.
  • Reduced output reopen delay when input format (channel count etc) changes.
  • Improved dark mode rendering of checkboxes.
  • Suppressed library error log lines about folder.jpg etc inside archive files.

Beta 6[edit]

  • Fixed playlist layout glitch regression from beta 5.

Beta 7[edit]

  • libFLAC 1.4, made possible to decode 32 bits per sample FLAC files.
  • Upgrading from v1.x retains file timestamps of profile folder contents.
  • Fixed bad handling of user-components folder in upgraded legacy portable installs without a "profile" folder.
  • Playlist rendering and manipulation performance fixes.
  • DTS decode_postprocessor now works, for decoding DTS in WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior after a watched media library folder disappears then reappears.
  • Allowed blank meta values in metadb.
  • Made possible to enable album art columns in Default UI playlist even without grouping enabled - the old behavior was confusing.
  • Added dark mode to Default UI toolbar buttons configuration dialog.
  • Made settings of old foo_albumlist & foo_sanitizer imported on startup, if present.

Beta 8[edit]

  • Fixed beta 7 regression with wrong handling of blank meta values.
  • Fixed some visual glitches in Converter.
  • Rare crash bug workarounds.
  • Improved crash log writer in 64-bit version.

Beta 9[edit]

  • Updated WavPack library to 5.5.0.
  • Updated Monkey's Audio library to 8.70.
  • Changed replacement for slash character in file naming.
  • Fixed a regression that made it impossible to play certain M4A HE-AAC files from remote (HTTP etc) sources.
  • Various ReFacets glitches fixed.
  • Made new library search implementation more robust.
  • Cleaned up Ogg reader, made possible to seek in remote (HTTP etc) Ogg files.
  • Crash bugs fixed.

Beta 10[edit]

  • Fixed Ogg seeking regressions from the previous beta.
  • Made column order correctly remembered per-playlist.
  • libFLAC 1.4.1.
  • Rewritten asymmetric library search feature.
  • Library search speed optimizations, made more queries utilize search index.
  • Restored multi-folder-selection for "add folder".