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Preferences: Default User Interface


Theme Management

Quick Setup

Activates the Quick Appearance Setup dialog.

Import Theme

Imports current user interface layout from a foobar2000 theme (.fth) file, with preview and choice which parts of the layout to import.

Export Theme

Exports current user interface layout to a foobar2000 theme (.fth) file.

Enable Layout Editing Mode

Toggles the Layout Editing Mode. This is the same as the View → Layout → Enable Layout Editing Mode menu command.

Main Window Transparency

This slider lets you control transparency of the main foobar2000 application window. Note that for usability reasons transparency becomes active only when the window is inactive.

System Notification Area

These options allow you to configure foobar2000's system notification area icon (commonly referred to as "system tray icon", which is a misnomer).

Playback State Display Formatting

These options allow you to configure (using title tormatting) how to display information about the currently played track in various places: main window title, status bar, tooltip of the notification area icon.


Colors and Fonts

Playlist View