Foobar2000:Mobile Version 1.4 Preview Change Log

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(newest first)


  • Release candidate build.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of certain rare Monkey's Audio configurations.


  • Release candidate build.
  • Implemented handling of relative paths (../folder/file) in m3u playlists referenced via Android sandbox filesystem.


  • Crash regression fix.


  • Propagated radio station titles & logos sourced from playlist files and radio-browser.
  • Codec tech updates.


  • Prevented cached images for remote resources from being automatically pruned after a fixed interval like other cached images.
  • Codec tech updates.

2023-10-12 (Android only)

  • Android: Allowed dim mode on all devices, not just TV.
  • Android: Added non-skinned playback controls view (actually restored from ancient pre-skin code), use advanced settings option to activate it. Work in progress.
  • Android: Attempted auto detection of pointing input (or lack of) to default to non-skinned playback controls where skinned view is unusable.
  • Replaced search string matching code with that of desktop foobar2000.
  • Workarounds for Android TV API30 missing stuff present in regular Android API30.
  • Android TV browsing focus tweaks.
  • Android: Improved & bugfixed, album-art-in-notification toggle, now also affects modern lockscreen.
  • FTP server: report modified time of folders, some FTP clients show nonsense dates otherwise.


  • Version 1.4.1 stable
  • iOS: Fixed bad display of decoding speed test page.
  • Android: Added option to disable album covers in notification.


  • Android: Allowed system folder picker again, as it turns out that some Android versions don't allow SD card access at all without it.
  • Made auto-resuming of playback after app restart opt-in. It mainly affects abnormal terminations anyway, the old behavior was annoying.
  • Additional FTP server console logging.


  • Android: Restored the ability to read Android sandbox folders added by past versions, as too many users are troubled by this change. This also fixes playlists not working anymore since 1.4.
  • iOS: Additional logging of network errors to help identifying FTP server bugs.

2023-09-30 (iOS only)

  • Fixed misconfigured Vorbis decoder producing garbled output.


  • 1.4 release.
  • Fixed Monkey's Audio crash in x86 32-bit build.


  • Release candidate build.
  • Android: Reverted compiler from NDK 25 to NDK 23 to fix Android 4.x support.
  • Disabled playlist duration info as it was calculated inefficiently causing lag. Will be restored when I have time to do this properly.
  • Obscure crash bugs fixed.


  • Release candidate build.
  • Worked around alternate apostrophe variations breaking search.
  • Updated Monkey's Audio decoder.
  • Android: Worked around Monkey's Audio crash on 32-bit ARM.
  • Android: Re-enabled support for old Monkey's Audio versions.
  • Android: Prevented auto detection of storage folders on first run when full storage access is not yet enabled, they'd show blank and require re-adding.


  • Release candidate build.
  • Android: Fixed local filesystem being falsely recognized as read-only, causing various file manipulation commands not to be presented.
  • Fixed downloader truncating names of folders containing dots.
  • Restored ability to read Musepack ReplayGain info from APE tags.


  • Release candidate build. Removed preview from version number.
  • Amended last bug fix.


  • Fixed bug overriding remote titles with filenames.


  • Fixed a bug causing missing covers in playlists.
  • iOS: Switched to system SQLite (reduced app size).


  • Fixed some radio stations being unplayable due to servers responding with 400 to HTTP HEAD.
  • Radio bookmarks: No more hammering of all entries when opening radio bookmarks.
  • Radio bookmarks: If no icon is known, defaults to domain's favicon.ico.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stuck playback in certain conditions after rapidly hitting previous/next.


  • Fixed a horrible regression from sometime last month which caused spurious tag reads on every startup.
  • Android: Album art indexing tech updates.
  • Android: Cosmetic fixes.


  • FTP client now forces IPv4 (we don't currently implement IPv6 specific extensions).
  • Made possible to reorder radio bookmarks.

2023-07-28 (iOS only)

  • iOS: Fixed recent visual regressions in Advanced Preferences, DSP Manager, ReplayGain Scanner.


  • Various cosmetic fixes.
  • Android: Similarly to iOS, you can now go directly from main screen to radio search without going thru bookmarked stations.

2023-07-25 (iOS only)

  • Updated internet radio search, can now go directly from main screen to search instead of going thru bookmarked stations list.
  • Cosmetic fixes.

2023-07-24 (iOS only)

  • Implemented internet radio search.

2023-07-20 (Android only)

  • Bumped radiobrowser allowed JSON size, 4MB in last build wasn't good enough for all radio stations returned for some criteria.
  • HTTP reader no longer attempts WebDAV methods on URLs that don't belong to known media folders. This was causing endless bugs, with radio in particular.
  • Some radio station logos might need image cache clearing to show, if you've used yesterday's build.

2023-07-19 (Android only)

  • Implemented internet radio search based on radio-browser.
  • HTTP protocol bug fixes.


  • Preview build date is now included in version number.
  • Media Library tech updates to allow rendering of back cover and disc picture. May need forced rescan (toggle folder off and back on) to pick all pictures.

Android build 758, iOS build 18

  • Android: Restored playback pause on app close.
  • Made possible to cycle shown picture types (front cover, back cover, artist, disc) by long tapping picture in now playing screen. Work in progress, doesn't work all the way yet.
  • FTP server page update, made possible to copy FTP link.
  • Android: HLS internet radio performance fix.

Android build 757

  • Android: Prevent activation of media buttons lock mode by pressing prev/next etc repeatedly - only play/pause triggers playback controls lock.
  • Updated FLAC to 1.4.3
  • Internal fixes.

Android build 756, iOS build 17

  • Fixed evil use-after-free bug in HTTP error handler (recent regression, doesn't affect stable releases).
  • iOS: Changed console logging behavior, restored access via iTunes file sharing.
  • Android: Fixed friendly names of SD card folders not showing on new Android versions.
  • Android: Added context menu commands in console.
  • Fixed MP4 DASH live titles not showing.

iOS build 16

  • iOS: Renamed "add folder" to "+ network location" in Media Library Preferences.
  • Console logging behaviors changed: always save log to a private folder, share it via FTP.

Android build 755

  • Android: Fixed widget bugs.
  • Android: Updated to latest Android SDK & tools.
  • HLS decoding bug fixes.

Android build 754, iOS build 15

  • Fixed regression breaking loading of embedded covers from Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Networking tech updates.
  • Added support for streaming segmented MP4 DASH, used by HLS radio streams.
  • Fixed image caching bug causing spurious reloads of embedded covers over HTTP & FTP.