Foobar2000:Mac Version 2.5 Release Notes

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Version 2.5 overview

This version is a near complete rewrite of foobar2000 for Mac, based on latest Windows codebase.

Original foobar2000 for Mac was based on mobile codebase / early foobar2000 v2.0 prototype codebase (hence 2.x versioning) that was never used anywhere else.

System requirements

Required Mac OS version is now 10.13 "High Sierra".

User interface and media library updates

  • Preferences dialog similar to that of Windows foobar2000.
  • Added Media Library with realtime folder monitoring.
  • Added Media Library viewers: Album List, ReFacets, Library Search.
  • Added all playback order options from Windows foobar2000.
  • Added Playlist View columns customizations.
  • Added Playlist Search.
  • Added Playback Statistics feature (rating, play count, etc).
  • Playback Queue feature.

Codec technology updates

  • Now up to date with current Windows foobar2000 codebase.
  • Added FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper, enabling decoding of arbitrary audio formats via external FFmpeg program.
  • Video game audio formats currently missing.

Properties dialog updates

  • Improved behavior if 'reload info' detects a change in number of chapters etc.
  • Updated Automatically Fill Values logic, better results if searched pattern appears more than once.
  • Logs tag update errors to console.


  • New output device management options.
  • Full array of DSPs from Utility DSP Array component.
  • Tag Sanitizer component (right click menu / tagging).
  • Apple Audio Unit DSP support.
  • Exclusive audio output support.
  • Various other options and features from classic foobar2000.