Foobar2000:Default User Interface:List of UI Elements

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This page lists available UI Elements for use with foobar2000's Default User Interface.

Bundled UI Elements

The following UI elements are bundled with official installer and they are always available unless noted.


  • Splitter (left/right or top/bottom)

A simple container which divides its area to two panes horizontally or vertically. The child elements can be resized by dragging the border between them. Moreover, size of each side can be locked, so that it will stay the same when the whole window is resized - this feature is available in splitter's popup menu.

  • Tabs

This container uses the well-established concept of a tabbed document. It can have any number of pages, each page containing another child element(s). The popup menu have commands to add, remove, rename and reorder the individual tabs.

  • Playlist Tabs

A tabbed container automatically populated with tabs corresponding to available playlists. Note that the child area is the same regardless of the active tab (playlist). Commonly used to host a "Playlist view" element.

  • Toolbar Header

Shows a toolbar which can be filled with various buttons and controls, configurable in its popup menu. Additional options include whether to be shown at the top or bottom of assigned area, or if the toolbar should be locked to avoid rearranging the items. It can contain only one static child element.

Media Library Viewers

  • Album List

UI element version of the Album List viewer, as available in the "Main menu > Library > Album List".

  • Media Library Search

UI element version of the Media Library search, as available in the "Main menu > Library > Search".

  • ReFacets

UI element reimplementing most of Facets functionality, as available in the "Main menu > Library > ReFacets".

Playback Visualisation

  • Oscilloscope
  • Peak Meter
  • Spectrogram
  • Spectrum
  • VU Meter

Various visualisations providing some graphical feedback. Most of them have their additional style, color or quality settings available in their popup menu.

Playlist Renderers

  • Playlist View

Shows items of currently active playlist. Note that any number of "Playlist View" elements will all show the same content. Format of displayed columns and item grouping can be customized.

Selection Information

  • Album Art Viewer

Shows album (cover) art image for the selected or currently playing track. Looks both for embedded images in the file itself and in its folder.

  • Selection Properties

An element capable of displaying various information about the selected track(s). Popup menu allows customization of what kind of information to show.


  • Console

UI element version of the Console window, as available in the "Main menu > View > Console".

  • Equalizer

UI element version of the Equalizer window, as available in the "Main menu > View > Equalizer".

  • Playlist Manager

UI element version of the Playlist Manager window, as available in the "Main menu > View > Playlist Manager".

  • File Integrity Verifier

Utility, as available for selected tracks in the "Context Menu -> Utilities -> Verify integrity".

  • Decoding Speed Test

Utility, as available for selected tracks in the "Context Menu -> Utilities -> Decoding speed test".

Third-party UI Elements

The components providing these UI elements must be installed separately before use. See their respective article for more information.