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This has been written with the following setup in mind and is therefore limited (!):
-You're using Foobar with an output module that bypasses Windows / directly sends data to your DAC (e.g.: KS for PCM, DSD for DSD/DSF or combinations of modules)
-You're using an external DAC which does not allow all / low sampling rates (in the author's case: a FiiO Q1 MK II does not play back rates below 44.1 kHz)

Therefore this page only exists to enable playback of low-rate audio on devices not supporting low rates (low rates are everything below 44.1kHz in this article).

In DSP manager, you're able to configure the DSP:

Target sample rate
Set a rate that is supported by your device. See the device manual for reference. Since resampling is done by CPU you might encounter stutters on high background-loads. Target sample rate can only be set to a specific value. You can choose a general purpose rate if you want to upsample from different rates (this will result in dithering in some cases) or choose a multiple of the rate you want to upsample if your source only has a specific low rate. Example: 24000 Hz source to 48000 Hz upsampled audio. This won't use dithering.
See dialog. Use lower quality / rates if you encounter stutters, etc.

Exclude rates
This specifies ranges that are excluded from resampling. This entry accepts ranges in Hz (e.g.: 44100-192000) and fixed values in Hz. Enter the range of your DAC, so the resampler won't touch audio your DAC is capable of handling itself. Some DACs will happily play back audio above the supported range but how this is handled is up to the manufacturer and might result in stuttering audio.

Note: this won't affect playback of DSD/DSF/SACD if the correct output module is installed and your DAC is capable of decoding DSD/DSF.