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mda Dither DSP

Developer(s) Case
Release information
Initial release July 25, 2018
Stable release 0.2 (August 28, 2022)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
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Minimum version 1.4
Maximum version
UI module(s) N/A
Additional information
License Modified ISC license
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Range of dither types for word-length reduction. Converted to foobar2000 from Paul Kellett's VST plug-in. Changes from the original are added support for any number of input channels and slightly improved configuration layout. Dither math is identical.

Note: mda Dither and Smart Dither component use different scale for dither amplitude. 2.0 bits in mda is equal to 1.0 bits in Smart Dither, but for example 1.0 bits is less than 0.5 bits in Smart Dither. Lower dither amplitude than the default won't be able to eliminate distortion in all situations.

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