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SimPlaylist Manager

Developer(s) Frank Bicking
Release information
Initial release May 2, 2011
Stable release 1.0 (August 18, 2011)
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
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Minimum version 1.1
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UI module(s) Default UI
Additional information
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Integrate into the user interface

Enable the layout editing mode at "View", "Layout" to manually add SimPlaylist Manager as a UI element.

Popup window

Choose "SimPlaylist Manager" from the "View" menu to open it in a new window. If a SimPlaylist Manager element has already been integrated into the user interface, this will focus the existing instance. Hold Shift when selecting the menu item to force open a new window.

Playlist management

Various playlist management functions such as removing, creating new ones etc. are available from the context menu.


Choose "Rename" from the context menu or press F2 to rename a playlist.


Use drag and drop to change the order of playlists. Using the right mouse button, contents of selected playlists can be copied or moved to one target playlist.

Restoring removed playlists

Deleted playlists can be restored from the context menu.


Playlists can be sorted by one of the displayed columns from the context menu, or all available columns by holding Shift when opening the menu. Note that sorting operations cannot be undone. To prevent unintended changes, sorting by column headers is disabled. Hold shift when selecting the menu item to sort in reverse order.

Editing autoplaylists

Select the "Autoplaylist" entry from the context menu. Note that this is not available for all autoplaylists, depending on which component created them.


Playlist name

Displays the name of each playlist and is always displayed. Editable with F2.


Displays playing or paused playback status icon.

Playlist lock

Displays playlist lock name, such as autoplaylist, podcatcher, or radio. Empty for normal playlists.


SimPlaylist Manager includes the same statistics as the Facets component, except for "Subitems".