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This input plug-in gives foobar2000 the ability to decode (read and play) Monkey's Audio files (.APE) as well as APE Link files (.APL).

Installation is the same as for other input plug-ins.

  1. Download the distribution ZIP archive (foo_input_monkey.zip).
  2. Inside this .zip is a DLL (foo_input_monkey.dll). Copy this DLL file to your foobar2000 'components' folder.
  3. Restart foobar2000.

You will also want to associate foobar2000 with .ape and .apl files so they'll open in foobar2000 when (double-)clicked. You could create this association from your Folder Options in Windows Explorer, but an easier way is to do it from within foobar2000 by going to Preferences > File Types and ticking the checkboxes for APE (Monkey's Audio) and APL (APL links).