Foobar2000:Components/Freedb Tagger (foo freedb2)

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This component allows you to get album information from the freedb database.


  1. . Select the songs (they need to be ordered by tracknumber).
  2. . Right-click the songs, Tagging -> Get Tags from freedb
  3. . If the album information exists in freedb, you will get a dialog box
  4. . If you have more than one match, select the one that seems to be most accurate. (Click on the entry to view its contents)
  5. . If you want existing information to be removed, select the "wipe out existing tags" option.
  6. . Click Update Files.


  • User/Email: Enter your email address. If you aren't registered with fredb, any address of the form will do.
  • Server: Allows you to select which freedb server to use. Click Retrieve to get new freedb server address if current server is not responding.


  • Cannot submit information to freedb database
  • Unlike the version for 0.8.3, it works per-album
  • Cannot access offline databases