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Facets 1.0 release notes

Upgrading from older versions

All settings should be carried over to the new version. To be absolutely safe, backups of the current configuration can be kept, and, in case some settings were not imported correctly, put back later to repeat the update process with a fixed version. To locate the configuration files, hold the Shift key and select "Browse configuration folder" from the File menu.

Object Description
foo_facets.cfg Found in the configuration subfolder. Stores column patterns.
theme.fth Contains the current user interface layout, including Facets UI elements.
playlists folder Includes settings of created autoplaylists.

Note that when installing an older version over Facets 1.0, the old configuration files will have to be put back in place. Due to new configuration formats, settings written by the new version cannot be ported back to the old one.

Keeping the old version by renaming the component DLL file will lead to conflicts and is not supported.

Default sort order option

A new setting at Preferences, Media Library, Facets now determines the order of media library items. "Sort incoming files by" at Preferences, Shell integration is no longer used when sending tracks to playlists. If this option has been changed, it is recommended to copy the pattern to the new location.

Displaying items with leading "The"

The option to ignore the leading "The" when sorting is still present. To change the display of affected items, instead of the previously available option, $stripprefix or $swapprefix can be used in the pattern of columns such as artist or album artist.

Setting colors in column patterns

Due to hardcoded colors being incompatible with different color schemes, title formatting functions to indicate colors - $rgb, $hsl, $blend, and $transition - can no longer be used in column patterns. Upgrading to the new version will not change existing columns, but color functions will no longer have any effect. Supported now are the < and > characters to dim or apply the highlight color to individual parts. Please see the title formatting syntax help for details and examples. Text in parenthesis is still dimmed by default.

New predefined filters

The search box no longer keeps a history of recently used searches. Instead, a new filter toolbar has been introduced to quickly access frequently used search queries, along with a new preferences page below Media Library, Facets.

Version numbering scheme

Facets now uses actual version numbers instead of the release date.