FireStarter FX

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FireStarter FX
A fully featured Cocoa Mac OS/X burning app
Developer(s) FireStarter Team
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release 1.0b10
Preview release 1.0b11
Operating system Mac OS/X
Additional information
Use CD/DVD Authoring
License Free
Website The FireStarter FX website domain is expired.


FireStarter FX is a pure Cocoa, Mac OS X only burning application which will allow you to duplicate all kind of CDs (even those that other Mac OS X applications won't), burn VCDs and SVCDs, and have access to unique features such as overburning and CDDB access. It is tested and based upon GPL'ed CDRDAO.


  • Simulation
  • Customizable RAM cache
  • High speed burning
  • Buffer under-run technology to prevent wasting your media (if your burner implements it)
  • Multi-session burning (please read the "known issues and limitations" section)
  • cdparanoia audio-cd ripping, for best error protection copy
  • CDDB access to automatically create CD-TEXT data
  • CD-TEXT reading and writing with drives that support it (if your burner implements it)
  • and many other features...

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