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CD Single: 1-4 tracks or up to 8 mixes.

Extended Play: (Often 4 tracks = Mini album): 2+ !note "EP" is rarely used today, use "CDM" instead.

CD Maxi: often with extended/remixed versions not available on LP;
Megamix / Medley: ‘New’ track consisting of parts of several other tracks which are continuosly mixed together.
Mispress: Sometimes collectable and somehow ‘wrong’ pressing or manufacturing of a record (e.g. wrong title on label).
Mix: Version of a track. Original mix is the original version, a remix is a somehow changed version, e.g. an extended version with more percussion parts and less vocal parts.
Music Rights Societies: Organizations of composers and artists who collect royalties for the mechanical copying and distribution and air-playing of their music.

Album CD

Double CD

BOX set: (two or more, may be 1 CD & One video etc.) type in before how many CD's are part of the BOX e.g. "4CDBOX"

Bridge CD/Enhanced CD/CD Extra - Combination of a normal audio compact disc with a computer CD-ROM (containing video clips). The audio tracks are playable on a normal CD player, the video clips need a computer.

Limited CD Maxi.

"eXtra Limited CD MAXI" or as combined - example: XLCD = "eXtra Limited CD"