Ape Tags Flags

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APE Tag Flags Version 2.0

Contains attribute of the tag (bit 31...) and of a item (bit 0...)

Member of APE Tags Header, Footer or Tag item

Note: APE Tags 1.0 do not use any of the APE Tag flags. All are set to zero on creation and ignored on reading.

Bit 31 0: Tag contains no header

1: Tag contains a header

Bit 30 0: Tag contains no footer

1: Tag contains a footer

Bit 29 0: This is the footer, not the header

1: This is the header, not the footer

Bit 28...3 Undefined, must be zero
Bit 2...1

0: Item contains text information coded in UTF-8
1: Item contains binary information*
2: Item is a locator of external stored information**
3: reserved

Bit 0 0: Tag or Item is Read/Write

1: Tag or Item is Read Only

* Binary information: Information which should not be edited by a text editor, because

  • Information is not a text.
  • Contains control characters
  • Contains internal restrictions which can't be handled by a normal text editor
  • Can't be easily interpreted by humans.

** Allowed formats:

  • http://host/directory/filename.ext
  • ftp://host/directory/filename.ext
  • filename.ext
  • /directory/filename.ext
  • DRIVE:/directory/filename.ext

Note: Locators are also UTF-8 encoded. This can especially occur when filenames are encoded.