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Windows Media Player Tag Support Extender (WMPTSE) is a plug-in to Windows Media Player to allow more tags support than the default WMA + ID3 within the player.

It supports version 9.x, 10.x and 11.0 of Windows Media Player.

The current version (1.1.1) supports Vorbis comment, APEv2 and FLAC and MPEG4.

Supported Tag Format

Additional tagging formats may be supported through a plug-in API (known as WMPTSE API)

Supported Filetypes

  • FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec(*.flac)
  • APE Monkey's Audio (*.ape)
  • MPC MusePack (*.mpc)
  • WavPack (*.wv)
  • OptimFROG (*.ofr)
  • Ogg Vorbis Ogg files (*.ogg) - READ-ONLY
  • AAC Advanced Audio Coding (*.aac) - READ-ONLY
  • M4A,MP4 MPEG4 Audio (*.m4a) - READ-ONLY


WMPTSE provide options to add tagging based on file extension.

It allows tagging in files who usually don't support it, such as exotic (but useful) tagging of AC3, DTS and LPCM files, or less useful like .txt, JPEG file tagging and more.

Tag support is pluggable. Each "tag support dll" responding to the WMPTSE API.

Guide & Howtos

WMPTSE - How to change the plug-in properties

WMPTSE - How to add support for a filetype

The complete Media Center + WMPTSE guide (from LosslessAudioBlog)

WMPTSE - How to add support for a tag format


The sofware is free.

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