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Hi. I used to be an electrical engineer, focusing on solid state crap, but now I'm in the movie business. I focus on a lot of aspects, but I ironically stay away from sound (I just give that stuff to friends). I do have knowledge from signal processing courses and the field, but I just don't enjoy it as much as video.

Apart from a maintaining a personal wiki, I contribute to the Unofficial Konfabulator (yahoo! widget engine) wiki.

I'm fairly new to Foobar2000. I like to keep things simple.

My Foobar2000 Low Compression

That's based on the Navigator fcs for Columns UI. some changes I've made are:

  • updating the general layout
  • uses official playback component
  • condensed play count/time column
  • dimmed zero-padding
  • entries with missing metadata are hilighted

Global Hotkeys:

  • masstagger rating scripts Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+5
  • mm keys mapped, except mm(stop) -> activate/hide
  • pause = activate pretty pop(fast)
  • CTRL+` = open folder

ColumnsUI based on Navigator. Switched from an old Azreal. Unfortunately I keep modifying it, so upgrading will be difficult. My current IDE (HTML-Kit) oddly doesn't support unicode. So I'll probably find another and use syntax hilighting.

I maintain two foobar2000 setups. one stable and the other *gasp* unstable.

Foobar2000 Wishlist

  • toggle buttons in toolbar could indicate state (Follow Cursor, Follow Playback, Stop after Current, etc.)
  • One-click RePlay Gain
  • Less obtrusive warning window
  • infinite loop detection/termination
  • ability to count the number of selected items
    • 2006-05-15 20h57 norz: you can see that in the properties box, or you could write a lua script (with foo_lua) that would output the number in the console, when invoked (eg: via a keyboard shortcut), but I guess, you'd like to see it in the status bar next to the total playing time... don't know how to do that, sorry.
    • yeah... in the status bar, right next to selected total time is what i'm thinking - Reglib 04:41, 16 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 0.9beta style "playback follows cursor" for when nothing is selected. Here's the situation, I have an autoplaylist that contains only unrated songs and playback mode to random. If playback follows cursor is enabled, after i rate a song, foobar *thinks* the Nth track is still selected, and plays it next.
  • WinAMP style media library search [update] foo_uie_quicksearch is good stuff!
  • one-click genre assigner (it's possible now, i'm just too busy to do it). should maintain a list of recent and popular genres, and display in dynamically generated cloud.