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foobar2000 ideas

  • alter fft window function for less-aliased spectrogram (completed)
  • move folders along with files (completed)
  • close and re-open files for file moves like is done for tag edits (asked, denied)
  • multiple tab orientations for tabs ui element (asked, pending)
  • automatically fill values extensions (asked, pending)
  • auto-detect optimal bit-depth (asked, pending)
  • open containing folder on files in .zips (asked, pending)

foobar2000 bugs

  1. Drag and drop from Default UI to a device causing a copy will lock UI for the length of the file transfer.

Playback statistics-based autoplaylist order bug (won't fix)

  1. Take an autoplaylist containing "%play_count% IS 0".
  2. Play a song for less than a minute.
  3. Hit next.
  4. Listen to all of the next song.
  5. The song you skipped will be played!

foobar2000 configuration strings

A bunch of random stuff I keep stored to make setup faster.

foo_texttools now-playing spam

$puts(sep,$select($add($mod($crc32(%playback_time%%title%),14),1),⇌,∿,▶,★,☮,☢,☠,☣,♩,♪,♫,♬,❤,⁂))/me $get(SEP) "%title%" by %artist% $get(SEP) $if($and(%original date%,%date%),%original date%:,[%date%:])%album%/[%disc%.]%tracknumber% $get(SEP) %genre%$if(%style%,/$meta_sep(style,/))$if($or(%publisher%,%catalog number%), $get(SEP) [%catalog number%]$if($and(%catalog number%,%publisher%),@)[%publisher%])$if($and(%original date%,%date%),%date%)

standard properties fields

Album Artist=ALBUM ARTIST;Artist Name=ARTIST;Country=COUNTRY;Album Title=ALBUM;Date=DATE;Original Release Date=ORIGINAL DATE;Publisher=PUBLISHER;Catalog Number=CATALOG NUMBER;Disc Number=DISCNUMBER;Total Discs=TOTALDISCS;Track Number=TRACKNUMBER;Total Tracks=TOTALTRACKS;Vinyl Track=VINYLTRACK;Media=MEDIATYPE;Track Title=TITLE;Featuring=FEATURING;Genre=GENRE;Style=STYLE;Discogs Release ID=DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID

Incomplete nonsense

User:Canar:Titleformat syntax guide User:Canar:hurr