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This wiki was created by the members of [[Hydrogenaudio]] forum.
We would like to invite to use and contribute to this wiki. If it helped you please help others by making these pages better.
=Introduction & User Guides=
''A starting place for new users to audio, with guides to compression and CD ripping and a glossary of all common terms.''
* [[Glossary]]
* [[FAQ]]
* [[Audio format guide]]
* [[Ripping Guide]]
* [[Tagging]]
* [[Replaygain]]
=Audio Formats=
''Pros/cons, Recommended settings, Useful tools''
* [[AAC]]
* [[Ogg Vorbis]]
* [[MP3]]
* [[MPC]]
* [[WMA]], [[Lossless]] & [[Other codecs]]
=Container Formats=
''What is a [[container format]]?''
* [[Matroska]]
* [[MP4]]
* [[Ogg]]
=Audio Hardware & CD Ripping=
''CD Tools, Secure Ripping, Soundcard Quality''
* [[Secure ripping]]
* [[Ripping guide]]
* [[CD copy protection]]
* [[CD Hardware]]
* [[Soundcard|Soundcards]]
* [[Other hardware]]
* [[Secure audio extraction]] ("[[CDex]] full paranoia versus [[EAC]] secure mode" by Pio2001)
* [[Secure audio extraction II]] (by westgroveg)
''Where to obtain the software discussed here.''
* [[Download page]]
* [[Download page linux]]
=Contributing to the wiki=
* [[Help:Contents|Wiki User Guide]]
* Play around at the [[sand box]] to try your formatting skills. Everything goes here and everything can/may be deleted.
* What is a [[Wiki]]?

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