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Could someone include a section about how to use iso.wv and wv.iso.wv files? I have only been able to get them to work (other than just as the music files within them) by following this regimen:

1) Remove the final .wv from the file name, leaving the .iso extension.

2) Unpack the .iso file, which is not an easy task, since this is not a normal .iso file. Windows will not mount it, and I have found few players that will even recognize it. I use AnyToISO. This yields a file folder with the name of the original file, and a .wv extension on the folder. Inside this folder is found not only the .wv file, but also any other files that have been combined with it (.cue, .jpg, .txt, what have you).

3) The .wv file inside the folder can then be treated like any other .wv file.

Could someone please mention this in the article? I spend quite a bit of time finding out how to unpack this file, since there are no explanations of it anywhere I could locate on the internet, and I would like to save others the time and trouble of going through all the trials to find one that works. Thank you. 17:46, 7 June 2022 (UTC)