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New Section

I've added a tag primer. There is some intentional overlap with Foobar2000:Encouraged_Tag_Standards. I started this section because I was looking for the proper way to deal with my various artist albums, and couldn't find a convenient source.

Eventually, the fields should be layed out in table format showing which various tag standards support each field

Eventually eventually, a page could be devoted to each tag. For now, let's keep this section light. --Reglib 00:53, 24 April 2006 (CDT)


Needs work

Tag Summary
Tag Compatibility Unicode Custom Fields Date of Introduction
ID3v1.x high NO NO 199X
ID3v2.3 high NO? NO 199X
ID3v2.4 low YES NO 200X
Vorbis comments  ?? YES YES  ??
APEv2 low YES YES  ??
Matroska tags  ??  ??  ??  ??