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General aspects of the format

The TAK (Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor) is a lossless audio compressor, promises compression performance similar to Monkey's Audio "High" and decompression speed similar to FLAC! The basic format is ready/save to use. Internal tagging, more playback support and some other features still has to come.


  • high compression
  • fast compression and decompression speed
  • fast seeking
  • Streaming support
  • Error tolerance
    • single bit error will never affect more than 250 ms
  • Error detection
    • each frame protected by a 24-bit checksum (CRC)


  • Fast decompression speed (par with FLAC / WavPack)
  • Good compression levels (par with Monkey's Audio Extra High)
  • Error Robustness
  • Fast Seeking


  • Closed Source (at the moment)
  • No hardware support
  • Very limited software support (Only winamp plugin at the moment, SDK to be released soon)
  • Tagging is not mature at the moment (ApeV2 Tags can be added using Foosion's decoder stubble, but the decoder can't read the tags)
  • No Hybrid / Lossy Mode

Hardware and software that support TAK


  • non


  • Winamp Plugin 0.0.3 Alpha here

Recommended Settings

  • best compression - mode "Extra" with "Maximum" appended
  • fastest compression - mode "Turbo"
  • use ApeV2 tagging (will be used as internal tagging)

Future Features

  • Plugins for other applications, such as Winamp or foobar2000 (a Winamp plugin is already close to completion).
  • An SDK for other developers.
  • Internal tagging.
  • Unicode support.
  • Piping support.
  • MD5 audio checksums for verification and identification.
  • A german version.
  • Embedded cue sheets.
  • Embedded cover art.
  • Multi channel audio.

Frequently asked questions

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