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What is Pyripper? Pyripper is simple, but quite sophisticated Digital Audio Extraction tool written in Python programming language that can create secure rip's in Linux (very similiar to EAC).

  • UPDATE: new version 0.1.2 is released at 10 november.
  • UPDATE: New version 0.1.1 is released at 6 november.
  • UPDATE: New version 0.1 is released at 5 november.


  • a command-line program which makes use of cdparanoia.
  • every track gets ripped twice and is compared with a 160-bit SHA1 checksum
  • if the checksums differ, the track will be ripped twice again until the checksum matches
  • CDDB-info is fetched via the pycddb module.
  • It can rip to FLAC, MP3, and Vorbis.
  • Lame and Vorbis can be configured, default for lame is: -V2 --vbr-new, default for vorbis is -q 6
  • You can choose the ripping device, otherwise default is used.
  • See pyripper --help for more information
  • The files will be saved as "working directory/extension/artist (year) album/tracknumber - trackname.extension

Installing Pyripper

Make sure to have pycddb and cdparanoia installed as a minimum. You can optionally choose for Lame, Vorbis or FLAC, depending on the codec you want to encode to.

Then download pyripper(Right-click and save to disk):

Then make it executable --> chmod +x pyripper
Move it to your path --> mv pyripper /usr/bin/pyripper (make sure you're root)

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